Reliability Prediction Module

Intuitive Reliability Prediction conforming to industry standards

Reliability Prediction Overview

The Prediction module is a powerful standards-based reliability prediction tool that includes internationally recognised methods of calculating electronic and mechanical equipment reliability.

The standards use a series of models for various categories of electronic, electrical and mechanical components to predict failure rates affected by environmental conditions, quality levels, stress conditions, derating definitions and various other parameters.

The Prediction module provides a powerful inheritance system that allows you to make global changes to certain parameters such as environment or quality levels.

Reliability Prediction Standards

The Prediction module conforms to the following industry standards:

  • MIL-HDBK-217
  • 217 Plus
  • RDF 2000 / IEC TR 62380
  • Telcordia TR/SR
  • GJB/z 299B & 299C
  • NSWC 98

The Parts Libraries

Optional NPRD, IAEA and electronic parts libraries provide the data on tens of thousands of common parts to assist in quickly constructing a prediction project. Parts are added to a prediction project by dragging and dropping directly from the library.