Reliability Block Diagrams

Easy to use RBD construction and analysis from Isograph

Reliability Block Diagrams

The Reliability Block Diagram Module of Reliability Workbench can be used to build and analyze complex RBDs. It produces minimal cut sets and calculates system and component results including unavailability, unreliability and the number of expected failures.

The RBD Module is useful for analyzing complex systems that include multiple common cause failures, component/system redundancy and voting arrangements.

CCF Beta Factors may be used to associate groups of components and sub-systems with similar CCF models. Hot, Cold and Warm standby modes can be applied to dormant components.

Reliability Block Diagram Construction

The Reliability Block Diagrams are easy to construct and may be split, either manually or automatically, into a hierarchy of sub-systems for convenient navigation.

It is possible to automatically create an RBD based on a FMECA or Prediction hierarchy and also to automatically produce a Fault Tree from an RBD.

IEC 61508 Failure Models

The RBD module now includes IEC 61508 failure models. If you are using the new IEC 61508 failure models, Reliability Workbench will automatically determine HFT (hardware fault tolerance) requirements where appropriate.