Import, Export & Reporting

Re-use your data and produce professional reports for distribution

The Report Designer

Reliability Workbench includes the Report Designer. This allows the production of impressive table, graph and diagram reports directly from Reliability Workbench. The created reports can then be published to PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

The Report Designer includes many wizards for easy creation of reports. Power users can access the Reliability Workbench dataset with custom SQL queries.

Data in the report can be easily filtered and ordered. Macros are available for inserting fields such as dates, page numbers and file versions into the report headers and footers.

Import and Export

Reliability Workbench makes it easy to import and export your data to multiple formats.

Data can be imported from and exported to:

  • Microsoft Access databases
  • Microsoft Excel files
  • Oracle databases
  • SQL Server databases
  • XML files
  • Various delimited text files
  • Windows Clipboard